The Amazing Love Kingdom, is known worldwide for its Mutant vs Zombies competitions and for their 200 guerrilla fighters that are being held in prison for stupid reasons that are against the system of the kingdom. What? Do you want to know the motives for their imprisonment?  Then, stay tuned at our social media and our Opensea gallery here!

About the collection


What is Love Kingdom?


10,000 unique collectables hand-drawn by the Yarza Twins stored in the Polygon blockchain. Each item is a citizen of the ‘Love Kingdom’. They are classified by social classes:

From #1 to #100 (Ultra Rare) 

Kings and Queens of the Kingdom.

From #101 to #200 (Super Rare) 

Zombies that wake up at night in the kingdom.

From #201 to #300 (Rare) 

Mutants hit by a weird virus.

From #301 to #500 (Uncommon) 

Prisoners of the Kingdom.

From #501 to #10000 (Common) 

Commoners of the Kingdom.

Each one is a 1/1 and none will ever be minted again.

How can I mint a ‘Love Kingdom’?

In Opensea, here is the link:


How is Love Kingdom created?


Each character is a randomised combination of patterns, hats, bodies and faces, with 5 levels of rarity: from the commons to the ultra rare, which are the Kings and Queens!


What are the base prices in ‘Love Kingdom’?


#1 to #100 (.001eth-.01 eth)

#100 to #1000 (.01eth and up)

#1000+ (.1eth and up)

#1 to #500 special editions .05eth starting prices.


Pieces from our collection that you sell for at least 7eth, will receive a signed print in Din A2 size of the piece. Pieces from our collection that you sell for at least 11eth will receive a signed print of the piece and a T-shirt featuring the piece (in the size and gender that you wish).

 (The rewards promotion is only valid when the user buys and sells the piece on the original platform, and ensures that the artist receives their royalties)  


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