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    1 year, 10 months ago

    Presenting my new Synergy Collections & Alumni Virtual Talk Episodes!
    I have tokenize three pieces this year that are forming two new collections “Synergy Flow” & “Data Synergy” on Ephimera. These video pieces are inspired by life’s mathematical, organic & cultural exchange. Making use of this platform’s 250mb tokenization limit I’ll be working with cinematic & motion works exploring elements of time, space & energy within our living experience. ( Links to these crypto art pieces below. “Future Synergy Crystal” recently sold in auction during Miami art week in the Altspace VR’s ‘ArtTechMiami” curated & organized by Alissa Christine & Michelle Brown)

    The last couple of months I co-hosted two virtual talk episodes with Julia Parris Rhode Island School of Design’s Alumni network. We host this series to expose a wider creative community to new potentials for the creative industry. Within my section I’ve introduced new understandings of blockchain through my art journey & explore the potentials of provenance in regards to digital art & collecting. In the first episode, I expand on my journey entering Crypto Art mid-2019 along with my professor Henry Horenstein’s perspective as a photographer during the early 1970’s. While also having written the textbooks on technical black & white & color photography; Henry has also documented the early scenes of Honky Tonk’s music. During the second episode we interviewed Ann Spalter (also RISD alumni) right around the time she was entering the crypto art journey with SuperRare about five months back. I think it’s great to point out that Ann Spalter is not only noted for her artistic journey with video & Ai, but she is also one of the first collectors to believe in the early computer art’s importance in art history. This collection was started when she was teaching in the 1980’s & has been sourced since for many museum exhibits focused on early computer art.

    Watch 2nd episode interview w/Anne Spalter:

    “The RISD Alumni in Photography affinity group hosted a special event with Anne Spalter on November 12, 2020. Spalter’s art explores the modern landscape with a combination of traditional and digital tools, melding representation and abstraction to present recognizable but also personally emotive experiences.
    Anne Spalter’s decades-long goal of integrating art and technology includes founding the original digital fine arts programs at Brown University and The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the 1990s. While there, she authored over a dozen academic papers and the widely used textbook, The Computer in the Visual Arts. A new body of work, further developed at a Winter 2019 residency at MASS MoCA, combines artificial intelligence image algorithms with oil paint and pastels. Spalter is also active in the crypto art community. Her work is included in a number of public and private collections.”

    Watch 1st episode w/GiselXFlorez, Henry Horenstein & Julia Parris.

    “Join the RISD Alumni in Photography affinity group for a conversation about the industry and navigating a career in the field from June 2020. Hear how RISD alumni pursued their career in photography, what the industry is like now and what steps one should take to establish a career.
    Speakers include:
    Gisel Florez 03 IL
    Henry Horenstein MFA 73 PH”

    GiselXFlorez “Synergy Flow” & “Data Synergy” crypto art collections:

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Gisel Florez delvs into the interconnected space of existence using manual camera techniques & conceptual practice. Drawing upon traditional still & cinematic methods using a digital 4×5, she incorporates art with immutable blockchain technology on various platforms & chains. As a co-founder of "WOCA" Women Of CryptoArt collective & current RISD affinity leader, she continues expanding towards artistic community initiatives & expansion for all.



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February 14, 2021
Commendable ¡¡
Gisel is the queen of abstract photography. As one of the first wave of crypto artists, her conceptual still and animated pieces do amazing things with light. She is also a great collaborator and advocate for Latin American crypto artists.



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